Valley.  Pinot noir clones in the vineyard are 114, 115 and 777. Combined with the Jory soil type and ideal weather, these clones produce a rich, complex pinot noir that is dense in color and high in tannin.
   Pinot gris clones are 146 and 152, which are quite similar to one another. They produce a slightly fruity but dry white wine that is excellent with fruits and cheeses.
   The spacing in the vineyard is 11 by 5, meaning that the rows are 11 feet apart and the space
between vines is 5 feet. This is a greater amount of space than one normally sees in local vineyards. The generous spacing is due to the fact that, when the vineyard initially was planned some 20 years ago, Oregon had only 320 vineyards, so specialized equipment for vineyard work was not common in the state.
   Oregon today has almost 900 vineyards, so equipment designed specifically for vineyard work ‒ very narrow tractors and narrow vineyard
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