About Us
  Blossom Ridge Vineyard is an 18-acre, 20-year-old vineyard in the Pacific Northwest. The vineyard lies about 10 miles west of the Oregon state capitol building, and it is situated within the Eola-Amity Hills AVA, or American Viticultural Area. The vineyard produces up to 25 tons of pinot gris and 25 tons of pinot noir annually.
  The vineyard sits on a 33-acre property high in the Eola Hills of West Salem at an altitude of 600 feet overlooking the scenic Willamette Valley. There is a large woodlot and an orchard in
addition to the vineyard. Facing west, the vineyard experiences very hot, dry summer afternoons and cool, foggy nights. The cool, moist night air flows to the vineyard through the Van Duzer Corridor from the Pacific Ocean, only 40 miles away.
   The soil type is Jory, which is unique to Oregon. Jory is a deep, well-drained soil comprised of sediment derived from basic volcanic rock. This type of soil is found in approximately 300,000 acres of the foothills surrounding the Willamette
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